EH&S Engineer – Chemical Program Manager

Posted: Sep 23, 2019


  1. Manage the company’s New Chemical Evaluation and Approval Program. The incumbent is responsible for providing the environmental & safety input for all new chemical requests.  The incumbent will be responsible for all aspects of the evaluation process including but not limited to calculations, SDS development, handling, testing storing and disposal procedures.  This position will primarily support the New Product Development and Engineered Product teams. This support includes all phases of product development, from initial development, pilot scale, to full production as it pertains to chemicals. In support of these responsibilities, the incumbent will:
    1. Manage the authoring, creation, implementation, and the maintenance of Victaulic Safety Data Sheets (SDS) in accordance with local and/or regional regulations. For SDS documents used by Victaulic customers, coordinate annual reviews and updates as needed with the Regulatory and Marketing Departments.
    2. Implement & manage Process Safety Management (PSM) processes company-wide where applicable. Once implemented at an applicable site, provide the oversight to ensure the integrity of the program is maintained.
  2. Manage internal Safety Data Sheet (SDS) library by ensuring Victaulic facilities keep the SDSs current with their chemical inventories within the associated software.
  3. Manage chemical inventory processes and provide oversight to Victaulic facilities to ensure consistency and alignment with internal SDS library.
  4. Assist the EH&S Department on all EH&S issues as required.
  5. The incumbent must have the interpersonal skills to work with other departments and facilities within the company, including but not limited to Regulatory, Marketing, Engineering and Legal.

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Safety Manager

Posted: Sep 17, 2019

Location Douglassville, PA

Plan, develop, and coordinate the safety and occupational health component of personnel, materials, equipment and environments to achieve safety effectiveness of the company.

  • Ensure federal, state, and local safety laws, regulations, codes and rules are observed and reported as required
  • Understand an provide guidance on OSHA regulations and standards
  • Investigage, report, and manage incidents and accidents
  • Pre-job briefs and job hazard analyses
  • Safety Inspections
  • Correct working conditions; develop loss control programs; devise methods to evaluate safety programs
  • Implement safety programs
  • Provide guidance for ISNetWorld action items
  • Prepare environmental reports
  • Training employees for all safety related topics
  • Schedule and conduct safety committee meetings
  • Develop and maintain programs for all aspects of safety
  • Escort visitors of all agencies conducting safety audits

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